Sneedhams Reopening

The Range Management Group are pleased and relieved to be able to re-open Sneedham’s Green to club bookings from 9.00 on Thursday 3rd December on the explicit condition that those attending the range are from households (not necessarily clubs) in Tier 2 or Tier 1. The Club officer making the booking should be responsible for ensuring that Tier 3 residents do not make what seems to be regarded as a non-essential journey.

Please observe this guidance as the reputation of our sport may be at stake.

We will make every attempt to respond quickly to any modifications of Tiers, for instance South Gloucestershire, or the outcome of the Parliamentary vote on Tuesday 1st December and the review on Wednesday 16th December.

GASRPC Range Management Group, Friday 27th November 2020.


Whilst we understand the desire to see Sneedham’s Green re-open as soon as possible after Lockdown 2.0 ends on 2nd December, the Range Management Group will need to review whatever NGB/HMG guidance and Regional Tier definitions are in place at that time before we can put a proposal to the wider GA committee for approval. Decisions of this magnitude are way beyond the pay grade of any single GASRP official!

Please bear with us and be assured that we want to shoot as well so are unlikely to take longer than we need to…

GASRPC Range Management Group, 14/11/20.

Sneedhams Range Booking changing

As the nights draw in, it is neccessary to change the club booking detail times. We can still fit in three details by reducing them from 3 hours to 2 and by reducung the changeover period from 1 hour to 30 mins.
Thus, from Sunday 1st November, the detail times will be:

9.00 to 11.00
11.30 to 13.30
14.00 to 16.00

Sneedhams is now CLOSED

By now you will probably be painfully aware that 'Lockdown 2.0' is about to commence. Personally I had hoped that we might escape for a while longer in the South West, but logically there was no way we were going to enjoy a COVID free winter. So it is. Indeed, HMG have made our decisions for us in that rifle ranges, be they indoor or outdoor, are specifically named in the latest regulations which will almost certainly pass into Law on Wednesday: New National Restrictions from 5 November - GOV.UK<>. Section 4 paragraph 2 says it all really. On that basis I am afraid that the GA Exec, Range Management Group and County Captains have had no option but to close the County Range from 16.00 on Wednesday 4th November until further notice.

Police advice following a firearms robbery

Following a recent very nasty robbery, the Metropolitan Police have asked for the foillowing to be circulated.