Police advice following a firearms robbery

Following a recent very nasty robbery, the Metropolitan Police have asked for the foillowing to be circulated.

Extra Range Orders during Covid-19

Please note that there are extra Range Orders in place currently.

A call for care!

Glevum TSC very kindly provide bench-rest tables for us all to use at Sneedham’s Green, but one of the best heavy-weight versions has recently had the shooting surface damaged, probably by careless moving. These particular tables are really too well built to be moved by a solo user and should only be moved by two people. Also, we currently permit a minimum of two people on the range, so it should not be necessary to move a big table alone…

Please take care of the facilities.

Paul Balmer

An NSRA message

The NSRA has recently sent this to club secretaries and it may be of interest to others...

Affiliated Clubs Now Able to Pre-Book the GA Range at Sneedham's Green

From Monday 15th June the GA Range at Sneedham's Green will be open for pre-booking by Affiliated Clubs under a club-specific Risk Assessment.
Full details have gone to all Clubs and are available for download from this website, but the key points are: