The Gloucestershire Association of Small-bore Rifle & Pistol Clubs (GASRPC) is a UK based charity that encourages, promotes and fosters a healthy, recreational interest in the sport of small-bore rifle, air rifle and air pistol shooting in the UK.

We are here to help develop those that wish to improve their skills in these disciplines by providing instruction and practice in ranges throughout the County and to encourage new people to take up the sport. Visit our Affiliated Clubs page to find a club near you!

What we offer:

  • Website and contact for all affiliated clubs
  • The use of the fully approved and insured 50m county range
  • Co-ordination of services e.g. coaching, scorer’s courses, shooter development, etc
  • Gloucestershire County Leagues for prone, air pistol and LSR
  • The opportunity for individuals to represent Gloucestershire in prone, Air Rifle, Air Pistol and LSR with NSRA or similar leagues
  • Trophies and prizes issued by the county for competitions
  • A centre of knowledge and experience available for the support and representation of affiliated members and their shooting interests
  • Representation of affiliated members’ interests in Home Office and National Governing Body consultations.
  • Individuals who are FAC holders and full members of NON-affiliated clubs may also join and utilise our facilites. Contact us for details

Latest News

Sneedham’s Green Range Maintenance and Safety

After a long winter Covid-19 lockdown, and on behalf of the County Association, I would like to thank the volunteers at Glevum TSC and our GA Range Management Group, for bringing the facilities back up to the standard we have all become accustomed to. Some structural remedial work to the butts may still be required, so please keep an eye on the website for possible closures.

One significant range safety issue is going to have to be addressed immediately however. The right-hand white boarding on the butts’ side wall (bearing the orange ‘shoot between’ arrows), and to a lesser extent that on the left, has been badly damaged by impacts from all calibres, and air rifles in particular. We believe that cross-shooting at 25-yard targets from firing points 17&18 and 1&2 is the main reason, plus perhaps some carelessness… This is a No Danger Area (NDA) range, so all shooting should be inwards from firing points which correspond directly with their number on the butts’ wall. This may be a little difficult to judge at short range targets from the extreme ends of the firing points.

For this reason, shooting from firing points 1&2 and 17&18 will now be at targets set at 50m/50yards ONLY. Signage will be put up above these points and post holes filled in for lanes 17&18 at 25 yards which appear most at-risk. Please take particular care when using any targets set at short range. There is increasing evidence of damage to the right-hand butts’ wall around the flag pole mounts which can only be from cross shooting or with malicious intent.

Our Sneedham’s Green range is a precious asset, please help to look after it.
Paul Balmer, GASRPC Chair.

Range Repairs

Those wishing to book Sneedham’s Green during April should be aware that the range will have to be closed for a few days at short notice to allow remedial work to be completed on the structure of the sand butts, bunker void and retaining wall.

Please be patient and flexible – this work is for the benefit of all and will secure the structure for years to come.