The Association is run by an elected committee, who can be contacted via the Contact Us page.

Name Position Club
Clive Townsend Chairman Innsworth Shooting Club
Andrew Kawczynski  Vice Chairman  Innsworth Shooting Club
Colston Clements Secretary Glevum Target & Sports Club
James Randall Prone Rifle Captain Tetbury
  LSR Captain  
David Mallard Air Pistol Captain Innsworth Shooting Club
Colston Clements Air Rifle Captain Glevum Target & Sports Club
Adrian Bartlett Gallery Rifle C/F Captain Pipers Shooting Club
Colin Evans Benchrest Captain Glevum Target & Sports Club
Rory Boden Match Rifle Captain Glevum Target & Sports Club
Nick Lythgoe Safeguarding Officer Steelers 
Eric Hatcher NSRA County Representative Glevum Target & Sports Club
Ian Perkins Committee Member East Bristol R&PC
Joseph Ellis Committee Member Steelers
Karen Butller Committee Member & NSRA Coach East Bristol R&PC
Alan Morgan Committee Member Bristol Aero RC
Mike Johnson Committee Member Tetbury
Steve Goodwin Committee Member Webmaster Pipers Shooting Club
Linda Welsh LSR League Secretary East Bristol R&PC
Ryan Kirby Committee Member Innsworth
Phil Moss Committee Member Dursley
John Majewski Committee Member Down Hatherley RC
Keverne Cloke Committee Member HBRA