Range closure reminders

Just a reminder for everyone that Sneedhams has been booked for club competitions and is thus closed for general shooting on:

Sunday 24th October - morning only
Saturday 20th November - all day
Sunday 21st November - all day

Range maintenance closure

The GASRPC Sneedham’s Green range will be unavailable & will be closed on:

Friday 24th September all am until 1pm to allow GASRPC works to be undertaken.

Range safety on Sneedhams range

The GASRPC Sneedhams Green range is operated inline and in full compliance with our NGB, range orders / regulations, and calibre / velocity limitations, that are posted on Range and on this website.

COVID-19 Range Restrictions Lifted

COVID-19 Range Restrictions Lifted from Monday 19th July

Following the recent Government announcement of a ‘cautious’ lifting of the remaining COVID-19 restrictions, the GA Sneedham’s Green range will be returning to 18 lanes without compulsory social distancing on Monday 19th July.

Please be aware that Lanes 1 & 2 and Lanes 17 & 18 are for targets set at 50m only.

A non-shooting Range Officer is still required when four or more are shooting at the same time.

As we keep being reminded, the pandemic is by no means over and cases are rising rapidly. If you feel in any way uncomfortable about returning to ‘join the line’ at Sneedham’s Green, and especially if you are not sure about your COVID-19 protection/infection status, please do not make the trip.

Paul Balmer, GASRPC Chair
14 July 2021

Range closure for maintenance

The range will be closed on Thursday 3rd June from 4pm to 6 pm for maintenance work