COVID-19 Range Restrictions Lifted

COVID-19 Range Restrictions Lifted from Monday 19th July

Following the recent Government announcement of a ‘cautious’ lifting of the remaining COVID-19 restrictions, the GA Sneedham’s Green range will be returning to 18 lanes without compulsory social distancing on Monday 19th July.

Please be aware that Lanes 1 & 2 and Lanes 17 & 18 are for targets set at 50m only.

A non-shooting Range Officer is still required when four or more are shooting at the same time.

As we keep being reminded, the pandemic is by no means over and cases are rising rapidly. If you feel in any way uncomfortable about returning to ‘join the line’ at Sneedham’s Green, and especially if you are not sure about your COVID-19 protection/infection status, please do not make the trip.

Paul Balmer, GASRPC Chair
14 July 2021

Range safety on Sneedhams range

The GASRPC Sneedhams Green range is operated inline and in full compliance with our NGB, range orders / regulations, and calibre / velocity limitations, that are posted on Range and on this website.

End of Range Booking

In line with Government guidance on outdoor sports, but to absolutely minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission on site, the Sneedham’s Green Range will be available to members of GA affiliate clubs from Monday 17th May without booking to a maximum capacity at any one time of nine shooters and one Range Officer. Lanes 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 15 and 17 will be in use; all the usual hand and surface hygiene measures will be in place and social distancing of at least 1m should be maintained. Attendance is at your own risk and you should exercise caution. Consider the current guidance on risks associated with COVID-19 and actions you can take to help keep you those around you safe.

For groups of more than four, regardless of which clubs they are with, a non-shooting Range Officer must be designated for the session. This RO has the additional responsibility of ensuring that total range capacity is maintained at nine or less during the session and has control over access to the firing points for waiting shooters.

If you arrive to find the firing points full (all nine designated firing points occupied), please make your desire to shoot known to the Range Officer and return to your vehicle or wait near the top of the steps. The RO will check to see who is planning to leave, ensure the firing point is clear and clean when they leave, and let those waiting know when they can join the line.

Please be sensible, patient and courteous whilst we test the viability of returning to more open access to shooting on the GA range. In particular, please be prepared to limit your session to 45 minutes if other shooters are waiting.

Paul Balmer, GASRPC Chair, on behalf of The Range Management Group.

Range closure for maintenance

The range will be closed on Thursday 3rd June from 4pm to 6 pm for maintenance work

Range Repairs

Those wishing to book Sneedham’s Green during April should be aware that the range will have to be closed for a few days at short notice to allow remedial work to be completed on the structure of the sand butts, bunker void and retaining wall.

Please be patient and flexible – this work is for the benefit of all and will secure the structure for years to come.