Many GA County clubs field at least one, and often multiple, teams of three into the County LSR League shot over the winter and summer seasons. Winter tends to be most popular with seven or eight divisions and around 130 individuals participating. Summer is quieter, but still sees nearly 100 participants and five or six divisions. The key is participation, and the chance to climb the divisions with your team mates as your average improves with experience.

The League is open to any GA affiliated club member able to round up two other shooters and enter a team of three. Many GA clubs have well established team entries including: Tetbury, East Bristol, Four by Two, EDF Energy, St Nicholas, Leonard Stanley, Bristol Aero, Innsworth and Glevum, so it is simply a question of asking the club LSR or League Captain to be considered.

To get you started all that is needed is an air rifle (.177 or .22) or light sporting rifle (.22 rimfire) weighing less than 4.5 kg all-up and an average score shot on NSRA PL14 targets at 20 yards. The League consists of 10 rounds shot two weeks apart with 10 shots on each of two PL14 targets. Your personal score for each round therefore ex 200 and the team is ex 600. Simple! Oh, and not to worry about your starting average, because although division 1 will see scores of 185+ ex 200, division 7 shooters will be wholly competitive with 120+ ex 200. We all have to start somewhere!