range targetsThe GA organises a Spring and Autumn ‘Open’ each year for quite a wide range of what we consider ‘Sport Rifles’ and shot outdoors at the Sneedham’s Green range. These are rare opportunities to shoot shoulder to shoulder with up to 17 other competitors at either 25 yards or 50 metres depending on discipline. For organisational and logistical reasons entrants have tended to come from within GA affiliated clubs, but there is no reason for those outside the area not to enter.

In recent years we have had up to 40 entrants shooting one, two or all three three disciplines each and occupying a total of 70 firing points over four sessions on a Sunday morning. Entrants are classified ‘A’ or ‘B’ for each discipline from their submitted average with trophies for the first two in each class and discipline.

Light Weight Sporting Rifle (LWSR) is shot at 25 yards with .177 or .22 air rifle and .22 rimfire rifle up to 4.5 kg all-up weight in three details of 10 shots in ten minutes – enough time even to enter a spring powered air rifle! Gallery Rifle Small Bore (GRSB) and Gallery Rifle Centre Fire (GRCF) are shot at 50 m with .22 rimfire rifles and up to .44 pistol calibre carbines, again in three details of ten shots in ten minutes. All disciplines are any sights, there is full RO cover and room for your supporters!

Dates are announced well in advance and entry is via a form available for download below once the dates are announced. It can be completed and then sent in to Paul Balmer, Sport Rifle Captain at